Monday, November 21, 2011

NSPS Webinar on Dec. 8

All manufacturers who support the HPBA’s NSPS efforts are invited to attend a Webinar on December 8, 2011, to discuss these efforts, and review our best understanding of the future NSPS timeline.  The webinar will begin with a short briefing by EPA staff, including Gregory Green, Director of the Outreach and Information Division (OID), and Gil Wood, who is the project lead for the NSPS review.  Following their briefing, and after they have left the webinar, manufacturers will hear from our special Legal Counsel, David Menotti, our NSPS technical consultant, Bob Ferguson, and HPBA staff.  The group will discuss all the issues under consideration in this review, and offer an opportunity for members to raise questions about any aspect of this process, or the webinar.

Member Manufactures will need to register for the webinar, and must be current in their NSPS support assessment. Please contact Rachel Feinstein, in order to receive instructions for the webinar.  Companies may register as many unique locations as they wish.   If anyone has questions about this list of issues, or issues they hope the EPA covers, prior to the webinar, they are welcome to contact John Crouch,

HPBA is considering another face to face meeting, similar to the January 2011 meeting in Dallas, but will not schedule it until the EPA’s proposal has been released.