Monday, December 13, 2010

Changes in the EPA Lead Rule

Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) Certification
Program Update
April 22, 2010 marked the effective starting date for the EPA’s RRP Program. This program has been brewing in
the background for many years. Well, it is here and likely here to stay. Over the past 8 months there have been
many announcements regarding this program. We thought it was time to give you an update on a few of them.
Delayed Enforcement
In July the EPA announced that enforcement for the RRP program had been delayed until October 1, 2010. To
qualify for that delay you must have applied for a recognized certification course and complete that course by
December 31, 2010. The delay of enforcement is over and there does not seem to be any others on the horizon.
Opt Out provision
The original text of the RRP program included an opt-out provision for homeowners that could verify their
residence met certain qualifications. That opt-out provision has been removed. The EPA has stated several times
that they have no intention of including an opt-out provision. There is a lawsuit trying to get the provision re-
instated still pending in the background. However, until such time that the courts over-turn their decision, the opt-
out provision is out!
Authorized States
While the EPA has developed a nationwide program, individual states may enact their own program that would
supersede the EPA’s. So far there are 10 states with their own program. If you work in any of these states, you
must contact the appropriate agency in that state for details. Each program is different.
• Wisconsin
• Iowa
• North Carolina
• Mississippi
• Oregon
• Utah
• Rhode Island
• Kansas
• Massachusetts
• Alabama
New Test Kits
The current test kits have been known to deliver a fairly high percentage of false-positives. New more accurate
test kits were to be ready by September 1, 2010. To date, they are not available.
For More Information
For more information, an up to date list of authorized states, or to find an accredited certification program in your
area, go to